Simon is a new and innovative resource designed to help manage your company’s routine inspection processes and to ensure that facilities stay in compliance with inspections, repairs, and record keeping. 

Routine maintenance inspections become automated with Simon. Simon replaces those paper checklists that get damaged and lost, provides priority ranked project lists for each employee, communicates when inspections are done, schedules follow-ups and repair work automatically, ensures timely corrective action is followed up on when needed, and can even attach photos to inspections and work orders. 

Simon is your paperless inspection management solution.  Simon starts with a prioritized list of inspections and work to be completed.  Simon verifies that your employees check in at the right equipment and provides a customized inspection checklist of what needs to be done.  Upon completion of the checklist Simon closes the inspection, issues job completion notifications, updates facility records, and logs and communicates follow-up work orders if repairs are needed. Simon ensures your inspections are done, repairs are made, and records are kept updated!




Paperless Inspection Management System